Consent to Personal Data Processing
(Personal Data Processing Agreement)

By continuing to use this Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), you agree to voluntarily and of your own free will, subject to the Policy on Processing and Protection of Users' Personal Data (available by clicking here) (the "Policy"), grant Visotsky Consulting Inc, 368 9th Ave 6FL New York, NY 10001 (us, the personal data controller), the right to carry out processing (various actions or a combination of actions) in relation to your personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, retrieval, use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking, storage and processing of your personal data.

This consent to the transfer of Personal Data about you, including:

- Your Personal Data: surname, first name, patronymic, address, number of the main identity document and information on its issuance;

- Personal Data of your representative (if any): surname, name, patronymic, address, number of the identity document of the representative, as well as information on its issuance. If you have a power of attorney - its details or another document confirming the representative's authority (if you have your consent);

- Contact information: phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, messaging accounts, links to social networks, as well as your image (photo) and other information transmitted automatically in anonymized form through the software.

You also agree to

1. We may process your personal data in a variety of ways, including automated processing, non-automated processing, mixed processing and other methods appropriate for the purposes of collecting and processing personal data as set out in this consent.

2. The purpose of collecting and processing your personal data is to ensure the correct organization and maintenance of the relationship between us within the civil, administrative and tax areas. This also includes relations in the fields of accounting, tax and statistical accounting, as well as the preparation of statistical, administrative and other reporting information required by law. Data processing also aims to ensure the fulfillment of obligations between us, including financial obligations arising from our contract, and to ensure effective communication in the performance of that contract.

3. The transfer of your personal data to other legal entities is also for the purpose of ensuring the fulfillment of the contract concluded between us.

Your consent to the processing of personal data is deemed to have been obtained and becomes effective when you complete your registration on the Website using the application form you have provided. Registration is deemed completed when you click on the button located under the last prompt question of the application. Your consent will remain in effect indefinitely until you revoke it. However, even after revocation, we may continue to process your data where and in the manner set out in our policy and applicable law.

4. If you choose to withdraw your consent, you may do so at any time by sending written notice of withdrawal by email to: Please be aware that even after revocation, we may continue to process your data in accordance with policy and law.

We confirm that we have read the information about the processing of your Personal Data, including the information provided in our Privacy Policy.

5. You authorize us to share your personal data with third parties of our choice for the purpose of them providing any services to you.

6. By confirming your consent to the processing of personal data, you explicitly confirm that you consent to the transfer of your personal data in accordance with clause 3 of this Consent. This also includes consent to the processing of the data for the purposes described in paragraph 2 of this Consent and using the methods set out above and in accordance with the Policy, including processing without the use of automated means.

7. The data subject also agrees to receive newsletters and promotional materials from us, as well as from third parties on our behalf. These materials may be sent to the e-mail address and contact phone number provided by you when registering on the Website, Platform and/or in Account, as well as when completing the Application.

8. In addition, you express your consent to the transfer of your Personal Data outside the country to the territory of foreign countries, including those that do not provide a level of adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects.