Business Booster — AN accelerator that has helped 1400+ companies in 57 countries transform their business operating system, achieving a new level of income and significantly increasing revenue.
Sardor Umrdinov
Los Angeles, USA, 400+ employees. Owner of Home Alliance.
  • ЗInvolvement in operational work: 12 hours a day
  • Company growth in different development stages
  • Operaitional work: 4 hours a day
  • Company’s worth: >$80 million
  • Employees: 400+
James Lee, Amanda Chan
Founders of Wu-Tai Group, owners of 12 companies. No. 1 in the market of Taiwan
  • Franchisee of one branch of H.B. Housing
  • Top 1 in the real estate market in Taiwan
  • Established the Wu-Tai Group, a holding comprising 12 companies
  • Revenue growth from Wu-Tai Group: from $30 million to $100 million
  • Employee growth of 40%
Vlad Zotea
Company Always Best Service. Entrepreneur based in Seattle, USA.
  • Company turnover: $3.5 million per year
  • Operational work: 8-12 hours a day
  • Employees: 30
  • Company turnover: $15 million per year
  • Operational work: 4 hours a day
  • Employees: 60
Russell Razhko
Co-founder and CEO of Rulex Company, Telecommunications, installation of 56 pieces of equipment
  • Worked with general contractors and had a goal to establish partnerships with mobile operators. To achieve this, systematization was required
  • Established direct partnerships with mobile operators
  • 20 employees, 150 subcontractors
  • EBITDA growth х2
  • Revenue $25+ million
across free and paid events, online and offline programs, separate courses, and in our acceleration program, over the course of 14 years, we have witnessed the magnitude of challenges that entrepreneurs encounter on a daily basis.


If our main client leaves,
we are in trouble
We need to grow
but don't know how
Our costs are rising faster
than our sales
We can't keep up
with the competition's technology
Finding good staff
is like looking for
a needle in a haystack
Our cash flow
is unpredictable
We're not getting enough
traffic to our website
We can't figure out
social media marketing
We're struggling to adapt
to remote work
Regulatory changes could
put us out of business
We don't know if
our marketing is working
Supply chain disruptions
could halt our production
We're not sure how
to scale our business
We're good at selling
products, but not
at keeping customers
The number of clients
is decreasing
People are working
without enthusiasm
The owner is overloaded
with work
all the money
is going to employees
Panic at any problem
My family complains that
I'm not at home
the top managers want
astronomical amounts of money
haven't been on vacation
for over a year
The employees earn
more than the business owner
there are disagreements
within the team
the company is at
the limit of its capacity
export and import
is a headach

THE OWNER IS THE most important EMPLOYEE of a business



A business owner tries to cope on their own, but the range of issues is too extensive. Problems pile up all at once. Instead of feeling joy from their business, the owner feels exhausted. They don't know what to grasp onto to deal with the next problem and achieve company growth.

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Meanwhile, 83% of small business owners earn less than $100 000 a year, and 30% of them don't receive any salary at all *according to a Marketplesh research, 2023

ONLY 48%

Remember why you started your business?
According to Bloomberg agency, 80% of new entrepreneurs close their business within 18 months.


«A Business Operating System (BOS) is a set of standard rules and methods that companies use to organize their work. This system helps companies effectively manage their resources, define core tasks, and achieve strategic objectives.» According to Wikipedia
Imagine the moment you first turn on a new computer or smartphone.
Without an operating system (OS), the device would be useless. The OS is what makes your device "smart," enabling you to run applications, search for information on the internet, and perform many other tasks. In the same way, the Business Operating System (BOS) functions for your company.
When a programmer creates a program or application, they don't start from absolute zero. They already have an operating system (OS) that provides basic tools and functions. This saves time, resources, and effort. Why not apply the same approach to your business?
Now imagine the programmers of the 1970s, who had to write every line of code from scratch. It was laborious, costly, and inefficient. Today, this approach seems archaic. Similarly, entrepreneurs who do not use ready-made, proven solutions are falling behind their competitors.

WHAT IS Business Operating System?

BOS (or Business Operating System) is a set of specific practices and procedures described in the form of templates, tables, and systems embedded within. As soon as you 'install' BOS in your company, you ensure stability, efficiency, and growth. Most importantly, every member of your team will understand how it works, creating a unified, coherent system of action.
Throughout the past year, we have been studying how the largest international companies operate: LinkedIn, Uber, Cisco, Amazon, and others. We are investors in 100+ companies in Silicon Valley, and the founders of Business Booster have over 40 years of business experience. We discovered that each successful company uses similar tools, each has a Business Operating System. We use BOS in our company, and also help implement it in the companies of our clients — residents of Business Booster.


Alex Visotsky

Alex Visotsky

The main speaker and expert of the program for business owners

  • Founder of Visotsky Consulting, which transformed into Business Booster
  • 29 years in business. Created 7 companies, 3 of which he successfully sold.
  • Over 9000 trainings delivered
  • 190,000+ bestselling books (in English, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian) on building a systematic business, publications in Forbes and other business magazines.
Valentin Vasilevsky

Valentin Vasilevsky

Expert in marketing, sales and AI modules

  • Co-founder and CEO of Business Booster
  • Entrepreneur in online education since 2012
  • Programmer, radio engineer, Ph.D. in engineering
  • Supervising 4 projects in Al and IT development
  • The main speaker and expert in marketing


money making
  • Business model

  • Mission and values of the company

  • Company’s product

  • Functional structure of a company

  • Metrics and dashboards

  • Financial management

  • Hiring funnel automation

  • Delegaiton

  • Interaction between co-owners

  • System of planning meetings and conferences

  • Operational, tactical,
    and strategic planning

  • Employee motivation

  • Assigning managers to a position

  • Cultivating managers

  • Delegating authority to the director

  • Lead generation

  • Data-driven marketing

  • Market and competitor analysis

  • Understanding the target audience

  • Creating a strong USP
    (Unique Selling Proposition)

  • Building a systematic sales process

  • Automated sales funnels

  • Strategic marketing

  • Analytics and conversion optimization

All elements of the system work in conjunction, reinforcing each other. In a strong company, which grows systematically without the constant involvement of the owner, all components of the business operating system are implemented and work effectively

There are many business tools, but what should business owners prioritize working
The scale of business is determined by the owner's personal scale,
Therefore, in Business Booster, we also include a separate module focused on working with your goals and energy, where we address issues such as:
  • what you want to gain from your business, the company's income, and your personal income;
  • how to find suitable partners and build relationships with them;
  • how to resolve conflicts with partners;
  • how to sign agreements with partners and adhere to the arrangements;
  • how to work effectively if you are doing business with relatives and friends;
  • how to strengthen your authority in the company;
  • how to maintain your energy level, avoid burnout, and enjoy not just your business, but life as a whole.
If a BOS (Business Operating System) is implemented and functioning in your company, you become a true business owner who:
Works on strategy Looks for opportunities for company development Attracts investments Engages in strategic marketing Sets up checkpoints and control points in relation to new business processes — creates technology, structures the company, manages finances, security, ownership management
One of the challenges that business owners face when implementing any changes in their company is engaging and motivating employees to utilize innovations, ensuring that systems and processes are operational rather than becoming dead weight in the graveyard of excellent ideas.
Consider how a new business process may confuse your staff. When you introduce something new into the workflow, your staff - the eyes and ears of the company, the people who talk to customers - might be the last to know and the least eager to adopt it.
Because you’re getting caught up in management and paperwork, your employees are not motivated to change. They don’t want to alter their normal workflow and their actions remain uncoordinated.
So that your company can take on new roles and start working in a new way - you need to change. The entire business process should adapt to new technologies.
At Business Booster, we implement a Business Operating System (BOS)across 6 levels:
Level 1
Strengthening the Business Owner
Business Owners Program (BOP) - a training program for business owners that provides the owner's perspective, strengthens your authority within the company, and enables you to build a scalable business.
As you progress through the program, you establish a system within your company, step out of operational work, and start fulfilling the primary functions of an owner.
The program consists of 19 courses:
Personal effectiveness and planning
Business concept
Co-ownership agreement
The company’s valuable final product
Company’s organizational structure development
Preparing for the implementation of the company's organizational structure
Preparing for delegating key functions
Hiring and onboarding
Creating a metrics system
Operational planning
Written communication system
Meetings and conferences system
Implementation of financial planning
Sales management system
The business owner undergoes training in all these areas only to the extent that is truly necessary for the business owner. We save your time, avoid overloading with details, and provide only concentrated information that will help you make a breakthrough in your business.
A community of business owners Business Booster Board
Business Booster Board - Your personal board of directors
For small business owners, the responsibility for the business often falls solely on their shoulders. You have to be the driving force behind the business's development: staying updated on technology, monitoring market changes, and actively seeking solutions to emerging challenges.
in large companies, this problem does not exist - they have a board of directors. The board of directors comprises individuals from different fields with diverse experiences, all highly qualified.
Why so? Business is a highly complex field: there are numerous factors, constant changes, a multitude of risks, and many nuances that need to be considered.
However, a small company often cannot afford a board of directors. After all, it includes highly qualified individuals, and with each one, you either have to share a portion of the profits or provide a high fee, sometimes as much as $10,000 to $20,000 just for participation in the board.
With Business Booster, you have the opportunity to access the expertise and knowledge of business owners with annual turnovers ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars.
Level 2
Management training
Training Programs for Your managers
It is impossible to build a scalable business without a team of strong managers who will lead the company towards growth.
MBA/EMBA - programs for developing strong managers. You send your managers to the program, and at the end, you get effective and strong managers.
The Executive MBA program consists of 14 courses:
How to proceed with this program
Effective learning
Professional manager
Organizing subordinate work
How to create and use instructions
Activity monitoring through metrics
Effective operational planning
Creating motivating games
Interaction with a manager
Tactical planning
Coordination and financial management
How to strengthen control
Leadership and authority
img img
This includes over 50 hours of theory and over 120 hours of practical training.
The result - effective managers you can rely on, who deliver results.
Level 3
Academy for employees
Academy for employees
At Team Academy, our employees take courses on business tools, learn how to create instructions, plan their time, track metrics, and efficiently complete their tasks.
The Team Academy consists of 11 courses:
Point of view
Learning technology
Valuable final product
Organizational Structure
Enhancing Efficiency
Fast Onboarding
Weekly Planning
Financial planning
img img
The program includes over 18 hours of theoretical material and self-assessment assignments.
The result - all your employees are motivated to contribute to the company's growth and efficiently perform their tasks using business tools.
Level 4
Regulations, Standards, Management Technologies
Regulations, Standards, Management Technologies
In order for a system to operate in your company, all processes must be documented in technologies, regulations, and standards. This way, you do not depend on specific employees, and all technologies are preserved within the company rather than in the minds of talented individuals.
At Business Booster, you receive ready-made technologies and step-by-step programs that you can take and implement in your company without reinventing the wheel.
For example, here is a portion of the materials on implementing financial planning that will be available in your company (this is just a part, in total you will have over 150 working materials):
The ideal scenario for the operation of the financial department
Job description for the financial planning preparation section manager
Checklist for financial planning preparation
Document package for conducting a financial planning game
Key points for conducting training sessions for employees on financial planning
Recording of conducted training session on financial planning for employees
Presentation for conducting training sessions on financial planning for employees
Completed cash flow statement
The document templates you receive in Business Booster are already available in 10+ languages. So, if your employees speak English, Spanish, Ukrainian, or any other language, it's not a problem.
The result - all company activities are documented, and all business tools are implemented and used within the company.
Level 5
A business management platform that helps alleviate up to 60% of the owner's operational workload.
Business management automation on BB platform
With BB Platform, you can easily create an editable organizational structure.
It will automate the control of tasks completed by employees.
Description and storage of all regulations in one place with distribution to the relevant employees.
You will automate key processes within the company.
The result of implementing the platform - your business is digitized, easy to monitor and scale.
Level 6
AI in business
Business Enhancement Through AI
A separate course on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business.
All our developments, templates, instructions, and examples of using 10+ neural networks in all areas of your business.
AI course from our partners.
The result - your company utilizes modern solutions, employees use AI to accelerate work, save time, and improve quality. AI will not replace your employees, but it will help make their work more efficient.


An accelerator is an organization that helps businesses develop and grow by providing companies with access to experts, mentorship, and other resources necessary for successful business expansion.
Individual coaching sessions to enhance personal, managerial, and communication skills. A business coach is a professional who works with entrepreneurs, executives, and teams to help them achieve their professional and business goals. Business coaches utilize various coaching methodologies to develop their clients' personal qualities, managerial, and communication skills. A business coach helps: - identify barriers that hinder progress toward goals and find solutions to overcome them, - identify the actual focus of the owner's attention and where it should be directed, - ensure rapid progress toward the goal. In the format of weekly meetings, a business coach guides you, helps you focus on achieving your goals, and successfully implements the accelerator program.
Business Engineers and Business Architects
Business Engineers and Business Architects
Business Engineers and Business Architects
Business engineers and business architects from Business Booster help you navigate the path from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. A business architect is a specialist responsible for developing and implementing strategic pathways for accelerator residents, helping them transition from their current starting point (A) to the desired point (B), representing their target state or achievement of specific business goals. Business architects guide and support residents in their strategic development, ensuring that the path from A to B is effective, meaningful, and aligns with both current opportunities and long-term business goals. They also monitor progress and make adjustments to the strategy as needed, ensuring adaptation to changing market conditions and requirements. A business engineer is a specialist working at the intersection of business and technology, responsible for developing, optimizing, and implementing business tools. This specialist helps residents understand the educational materials on a specific topic, adapt business tools to the peculiarities of the company's operations, or overcome challenges in this area.
Brainstorms, masterclasses, workshops
Meetings with business experts, founders of Business Booster, and top business owners. Within the Business Booster Board community of entrepreneurs, there are weekly common activities of various formats: – masterclasses by top experts, business owners, and senior executives in their respective fields (marketing, finance, management, etc.); – masterminds among Business Booster residents to analyze business situations, discuss strategies for achieving personal or professional goals; – discussions of real-life cases of Business Booster residents, with personal recommendations from top business owners and founders of Business Booster. We find the best experts based on the residents' requests and create a community where participants enhance each other's skills and help each other reach new levels.
Business Reviews by Alexander Visotsky and Valentin Vasilevsky
Business Reviews by Alexander Visotsky and Valentin Vasilevsky
Business Reviews by Alexander Visotsky and Valentin Vasilevsky
As part of the Business Booster Board community, regular business reviews of Business Booster residents are conducted. These are public online reviews conducted by the founders of the company, Alexander Vysotsky and Valentin Vasilevsky, as well as residents and invited guests - practitioners who have achieved significant results in business. A business review typically includes the examination and analysis of strategy, finances, market position, internal processes, and the competitive environment. Business review is used for: - evaluating the effectiveness of the current business model, - identifying areas for improvement, - planning strategic changes, - training in business skills. Business review helps to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of business operations and develop effective strategies for its development.
Working in tens
Working in tens
Accelerator participants form groups of ten to motivate each other within the group, receive quick feedback from other entrepreneurs, and achieve results together. During the meetings, Business Booster residents: – share their achievements from the past period, documenting all results; – present their list of goals for the upcoming week and plans to achieve them; – analyze cases and challenges of the group members; – receive feedback, discuss current tasks, adjust strategies, and share useful life hacks.
Business faculties for you and your employees
Business faculties for you and your employees
Business Booster has launched 10+ faculties covering various business areas, where you and your employees receive analysis and feedback from experts in specific fields: – personal effectiveness and leadership development; – developing the company's mission and values; – organizational structure development; – efficient recruitment and hiring of key employees; – business process automation; – development and implementation of key business metrics; – comprehensive financial management; – marketing; – sales, and others. On the educational platform, residents study theoretical material, while at Business Booster faculties, they analyze specific situations to ensure the implementation of business tools is as effective as possible.
Sessions of tactical planning for executives* *Available in the Platinum Resident tier
Sessions of tactical planning for executives* *Available in the Platinum Resident tier
We provide a business coach to conduct monthly sessions with your top executives. At the start, the business coach conducts a tactical planning session, assists the team in formulating quarterly goals, and checks progress once a month, helping to adjust the goals. The result of these tactical planning sessions with your team and the coach is that the quarterly goals are clearly defined and achieved. The coach assists the business owner in achieving these goals and facilitates team management.
CConsultations from any Business Booster employees* *Available in the Platinum Resident tier
Consultations from any Business Booster employees* *Available in the Platinum Resident tier
You can access any Business Booster employees by request for up to 10 hours per month. If you have questions related to your business (management or moneymaking) for which we have internal experts, you can request a consultation. These could be questions about hiring, team building, sales, marketing, traffic generation, and more. The full list of available specialists is published in the Business Booster resident's personal account.
Gamification and premium store
Gamification and premium store
Within the accelerator, a gamification system has been implemented. You and your team complete tasks, implement business tools, actively participate in the community, and earn an internal currency called BB Coins for your efforts. Business owners compete with each other in terms of revenue growth speed and the speed and quality of implementing business tools. You can use BB Coins to purchase additional materials and courses from the premium store. There are more than 120 materials available in the premium store that cannot be obtained through other means.

RESULTS OF ACCELERATION IN BUSINESS BOOSTER — a manageable and scalable business that generates systematic revenue, providing freedom and satisfaction to the owner.

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How to increase company growth by 3.5 times annually?
Svetlana Kerimova and her business Woman Insight
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How to become a leader in the IT market?
The story of Ruslan Savchishin's business transformation
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Fired 60% of the staff and increased income by 5 times!
The story of serial entrepreneur Gennadiy Moroz.
Vimeo Video
Breaking through the 'Glass Ceiling'
Interview with the owner of 'ZAKAZ AUTO Group,' Vitaliy Gnedkov.

Offline events held at the accelerator for residents

BUSINESS BOOSTER is a powerful community of entrepreneurs from around the world. Our events:

In recent years, we have hosted events for residents in Silicon Valley, Tampa, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, San Diego
Встреча Business Booster Board
Встреча Business Booster Board
Встреча Business Booster Board
Встреча Business Booster Board
Встреча Business Booster Board
Встреча Business Booster Board


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We've been hosting conferences since 2013

Bodrum, Turkey, 2019
Bodrum, Turkey, 2019
Limassol, Cyprus, 2016
Limassol, Cyprus, 2016
Dubai, UAE, 2017
Dubai, UAE, 2017
Belek, Turkey, 2018
Belek, Turkey, 2018
New York, 2019
New York, 2019
Belek, Turkey, 2021
Belek, Turkey, 2021
Video from the conference
Complete the paid 6-day online intensive, «Business Operating System» to understand what system your business needs to have
If you're ready for a new level in your business, submit an application for an interview with our company selection specialist at the accelerator
Only 273 companies out of 1130 applicants were accepted into the accelerator in 2023.
The application period for the next intake ends in:
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  • A business should be 'eco-friendly' - not harm society;
  • There should be a minimum of 3 employees in the business;
  • The business should not be in a critical financial situation - no unpaid salaries, overdue debts to suppliers and the tax authority, bankruptcy, or insolvency;
  • The owner should have sufficient authority to implement changes;
  • The business should not be reliant on 1-2 clients, the loss of whom would result in its collapse;
  • The owner should have the desire to work diligently for 1-1.5 years to build a system in their business.


Олег Торбосов

Oleg Torbosov

The owner of the real estate agency 'Whitewill,' the nationwide network 'Financial Partners,' the service 'HRScanner,' and the recruiting company 'HR Partners.' Author and host of the talk show 'Business Hackers.

Елена Дипон

Elena Dipon

Sacramento, USA, 70 employees. Owner of a freight shipping company. In the market for 12 years.

Sergey Mayer

Sergey Mayer

Perfect Pavers of South Florida LLC
Construction industry
Fort Lauderdale, USA

Максим Дурасов

Maksim Durasov

Marzo Roofing Inc.
Port St Lucie, Florida

Виталий Костырко

Vitalii Kostyrko

Load N Go, Inc, Lisle, Illinois