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ship BUSINESS BOOSTER is an accelerator that provides its residents with essential resources for business development and fosters exponential growth by establishing systems within the business
in business
You are mired in operational management, with the day-to-day running of the company resting squarely on your shoulders. The business struggles to grow and cannot maintain stability without your ongoing involvement. In times of crisis, stepping away for even a moment could spell disaster; the company simply cannot endure without you.
without a handle
Your business feels like a suitcase without a handle: cumbersome to manage but too valuable to abandon. You’re feeling burnt out from running the show and contemplating whether to sell or pass it on to someone more willing. However, the fear of losing even more holds you back.
on fire
Your business is like a swiftly moving train that's also on fire. The fear of losing control and failing to manage it looms large. Scaling up means multiplying your already overwhelming workload. You're swamped as it is and unsure how to juggle your existing responsibilities.
Your business appears to operate without requiring much of your direct input, but the setup is precarious and far from flourishing. You’re at a crossroads, unsure about where to channel your efforts to foster sustainable growth. On the surface, everything seems to be running, but you’re acutely aware it could be performing better, and pinpointing the steps to elevate its state seems elusive.
Does it feel like you're forever on the brink of having everything systematized, only to find yourself never quite sealing the deal? It's as if you're caught in a cycle of unending repairs, a journey that restarts just when the end seems near. Indeed, you're steering in the right direction by attempting to streamline your business, but without implementing a comprehensive and effective strategy, the effort is futile. It might seem like you're on the verge of escaping chaos and urgency, but, sadly, it's merely an illusion.
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A predominant cause of challenges in business stems from the dual hats many owners wear — as both the owner and the manager. You find yourself mired in minor tasks that yield immediate profits, all the while sidelining long-term strategies and plans crucial for substantial growth and improvement.
How to Shift from Manager to Owner?
Recognize the distinction between being a business owner and a manager.
The owner should play the role of a strategist, maintaining a high-level overview of the business.
The manager acts more like a commanding officer, issuing orders and leading the front lines in the day-to-day battles.
That's the key distinction here. You seem to be blurring the lines, trying to merge strategic planning with hands-on execution.

Your business needs a strong business operating system and up-to-date technology especially in today's volatile market.

Система и технология управления
But old system used to work for my business!
Yes! But your business has reached a new level

Every business faces management challenges.
It's the main barrier to growth.

Stages of development and crises

Stages of development and crises

We're here to help you integrate a business operating system, designed to make your business more manageable and scalable. Watch your income soar and, bonus – you'll unlock a wealth of free time to spend on the things you love most

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6,971 business owners have transformed their companies with the Business Booster Operating System over the past 14 years
Elena Dipon
LED Trucking, Sacramento, USA, 70 employees. Cargo transportation. 12 years in the market.
Results in Business Booster:
  • Time in operations decreased from 10 to 4 hours a day
  • Annual turnover increased from $8,500,000 to $35,500,000
  • Overcame toxic employee environment and hiring issues, successfully recruiting two key employees within 2 weeks
  • Developed a clear and coherent operational structure, clarifying each employee's role
Sergey Mayer
Perfect Pavers of South Florida LLC, Fort Lauderdale, USA, 70 employees. Construction.
Results in Business Booster:
  • Time in operations decreased from 12 to 5 hours a day
  • Annual turnover increased from $6,000,000 to $10,000,000
  • Sergey has successfully reduced his engagement in operations and now he enjoys weekends with his family
  • Transitioned and developed the newly acquired business in a new country, overcoming initial uncertainties and operational challenges
James Lee, Amanda Chan
Founders of Wu-Tai Group, a holding company and 12 subsidiaries.
Ranked #1 in the real estate market in Taiwan
Results in Business Booster:
  • Transformed from franchisee of 1 H.B. Housing branch to founders of Wu-Tai Group - a holding of 12 companies
  • Ranked #1 in the real estate market in Taiwan
  • Income growth of $100,000,000
  • Employee count increased by 40%
Russell Razhko
Co-founder and CEO of Rulex, Pennsylvania, USA. Telecommunications, installation of 5G equipment.
Results in Business Booster:
  • Before Business Booster Rullex worked for general contractors, wanted to start working directly with mobile operators, during acceleration started working directly with mobile operators
  • 20 employees, 150 contractors
  • EBITDA growth x2
  • Income of $25,000,000
Sardor Umrdinov
Home Alliance, Los Angeles, USA, 400+ employees
Results in Business Booster:
  • Time in operations decreased from 12 to 4 hours a day
  • Before acceleration different companies were at different stages of development
  • After sysematization company valuation >$80,000,000
  • 400+ employees
Vlad Zotea
Always Best Service Company, Seattle, USA. Cargo transportation
Results in Business Booster:
  • Time in operations decreased from 12 to 4 hours a day
  • Annual turnover increased from $3,500,000 to $18,000,000
  • Number of employees increased from 30 to 60 people
  • A well-established system allowed Vlad to leave for 2 months and conquer Everest
You’re the Change-Maker!
Every entrepreneur envisions a magical guide who can revamp their enterprise without them lifting a finger—but let's get real! The reality is, understanding your own business is crucial. By taking charge of change, you can avoid mistakes, strengthen your leadership, and enhance your business. While external advice can be helpful, the true change is driven by you, as you know your business best.
Build a Team Aligned with Your Vision
We help you define and clarify your company’s goals and mission. By presenting them clearly and effectively, you enable your team to align with your vision. This alignment, coupled with solid leadership, enhances team motivation and performance. It’s more than improving efficiency; it’s about creating a shared commitment to progress and development.
Development with Direction
Navigate through development tasks with a precise, pre-agreed plan featuring clear timelines for each phase. Your team will be in the know, equipped with the full roadmap, understanding every course's duration and subsequent steps. The Accelerator provides structured meetings, pinpoint timelines, and clear directions, ensuring a smooth journey towards your goals.
Solid Support for Tough Times
This program offers reliable support during challenging periods, connecting you with a network of experienced business owners. Benefit from regular brainstorming sessions and access to an anti-crisis hotline staffed by seasoned experts who have navigated through crises successfully. Receive clear, detailed analyses of complex issues along with practical action plans.
Empower Through Training
Accelerator immerses you in impactful training sessions and workshops, tailored to empower your team. We help optimize your delivery, making each session a resourceful experience for your employees. All workshops are recorded, becoming essential assets for your corporate training resources. This strategy quickly aligns your team with your company’s specific needs in an efficient manner.
Comprehensive Guides for Every Accelerator Task
Business Booster offers a well-defined action plan. Owners obtain a refined business model poised for growth by adhering to this structured approach. Each step is precisely outlined and has undergone extensive real-world testing. Working in collaboration we proactively address potential challenges, ensuring a smoother execution.
The Accelerator: A Universal Solution for Every Business
Business Booster Operation System has empowered over 1,000 entrepreneurs, supporting businesses:
With teams ranging from 12 to 600 people.
Achieving turnovers from $100,000 to $30 million per year.
Whether you’re in time management training, manufacturing, or construction, Business Booster is tailored to propel any industry forward!


Alex Visotsky

Alex Visotsky

The main speaker and expert of the program for business owners

  • Founder of Visotsky Consulting, which transformed into Business Booster
  • 29 years in business. Created 7 companies, 3 of which he successfully sold.
  • Over 9000 trainings delivered
  • 190,000+ bestselling books (in English, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian) on building a systematic business, publications in Forbes and other business magazines.
Valentin Vasilevsky

Valentin Vasilevsky

Expert in marketing, sales and AI modules

  • Co-founder and CEO of Business Booster
  • Entrepreneur in online education since 2012
  • Programmer, radio engineer, Ph.D. in engineering
  • Supervising 4 projects in Al and IT development
  • The main speaker and expert in marketing
Easily create an editable organizational structure
Implement an automated task control system for your employees
Store and distribute all instructions in one place to the right employees
Automate key processes in your company for increased efficiency.
Business Booster Board acts as your personal board of directors.
As a small business owner, you often carry the entire weight of responsibility on your shoulders. You're tasked with staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, understanding market trends, and finding solutions to various challenges—all while managing the inherent risks and intricacies of running your business.
Big corporations usually boast a board of directors to share the load. These directors bring a wide range of experiences and expertise to the table, simplifying the maze of the business world.
But why is this the case? The business landscape is intricate, teeming with factors, ceaseless changes, risks, and subtle details that demand attention.
Unfortunately, small companies frequently find themselves unable to invest in a traditional board of directors. The expenses associated with recruiting top-tier professionals for board positions can be daunting, sometimes soaring to as much as $10,000 to $20,000.
Thanks to Business Booster, small business owners can tap into the insights and wisdom of successful entrepreneurs who have achieved annual revenues ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.
Is there a problem in business you want to discuss? —
Contact the Business Booster Board for assistance*
*Please note that this service is only available for premium plans and the number of activities covered varies based on the plan.
  • • Masterminds
  • • Experts' performances
  • • Private discussions
  • • Offline events 3 times a year
BBB: Mastermind
BBB: Private Discussions For those who are willing to share their numbers in closed meetings, we offer business breakdowns to provide guidance and support.
Expert speeches Business Booster Board members gain access to private information from market leaders through expert speeches. BBB: Exit Mastermind
BBB: Exit Mastermind
  • 3-day event
  • Runs 2 times a year (Tampa, Las Vegas)
  • Offline
Comparing Systematized Businesses to Owner-Dependent Business
Owner-Dependent Business
  • Leaving for a month-long vacation without notice? It could lead to setbacks.
  • Growth tends to cool down after an exciting startup phase.
  • Company's strategy? Sometimes, only the owner knows it.
  • Poor employee record-keeping means wasted time.
  • The business rely heavily on key employees; losing one could spell serious trouble.
  • Poor coordination of departments. Departments resolve issues through supervisors rather than directly. 70% of supervisors' time is wasted.
  • Fluctuating quality of service provision. Quality control is done by clients.
  • The owner receives his income last, and sometimes remains without income or even goes into deficit, while employees have a guaranteed salary.
  • Employees need to be pushed around, and their work often needs to be redone.
  • Grows slower than top 5 competitors.
  • The owner has no time to work on strategy or business development, as a huge part of their attention goes to the operations.
  • The owner burns out and may sell the business for next to nothing just to get rid of the burden.
Systematized Business
  • Company thrives and evolves without owner's day-to-day involvement.
  • Growth remains steady, often surging by 30-70% each month.
  • All employees understand company's strategy, are motivated to achieve its goals, and are moving in the same direction.
  • Each employee tracks their performance, measuring it clearly, and has a stake in the company's growth.
  • Robust management system in place, ensuring smooth transitions even if key team members depart, all while sustaining business growth.
  • Poor coordination of departments. Departments resolve issues through supervisors rather than directly. 70% of supervisors' time is wasted.
  • Fluctuating quality of service provision. Quality control is done by clients.
  • The owner receives his income last, and sometimes remains without income or even goes into deficit, while employees have a guaranteed salary.
  • Employees need to be pushed around, and their work often needs to be redone.
  • Grows slower than top 5 competitors.
  • The owner has no time to work on strategy or business development, as a huge part of their attention goes to the operations.
  • The owner burns out and may sell the business for next to nothing just to get rid of the burden.
  • Actions of different departments are well planned and coordinated with each other. 70% of tasks are solved effectively without managers.
  • Consistently high and growing quality of service.
  • The owner always gets a dividend and receives it first out of the proceeds received. The business is always profitable..
  • All employees are involved in growth, they enjoy working and seeing their results.
  • High development speed and the ability to withstand strong competitors.
  • The owner is engaged only in strategic planning and business development, all operational tasks are handled by employees.
  • The owner "falls in love" with his business all over again, enjoys developing it or sells it very profitably.


If you believe that not every
business requires a system,
let's set the record straight:

Myth #1: It's all just straightforward stuff; nothing new to learn or implement, right? Well, while concepts like planning, organizational structure, and ideology aren't groundbreaking, many owners lack the essential management tech to seamlessly blend these elements into a cohesive system.

Business Booster goes beyond merely introducing tools; it empowers you with the technology to put that system into action. We're here to guide owners in transforming their businesses into high-performing entities and show them how to replicate that success in future ventures

Myth #2: If your technology is genuinely unique, why teach it instead of using it for your own ventures?

Our team forged this technology through hands-on experience, building thriving businesses, not just providing consulting and training. We've spearheaded ventures like Europe's largest medals and rewards manufacturing company, a cutting-edge machine tool company, and a dynamic computer hardware distribution firm, among others.

Myth #3: Implementing an operating system is only for the good times; hiring consultants during a crisis is seen as irrational.

In truth, your company requires a strong foundation and clear oversight, especially in times of uncertainty. An operating system offers vital support for owners, safeguarding the business from crumbling under pressure. By taking a proactive approach and using crises as opportunities for growth and development, you can seize the advantages while competitors succumb to circumstances.

Building a thriving business takes more than just management tech.
It demands a brilliant business concept, industry know-how, and top-notch products.
We equip our residents with the vital management technology to enhance their business performance and drive profits. With a track record of over 1000 successful implementations, we've honed our skills in the industry and enjoy minimal competition, thanks to the sophistication of our product.
Criteria to become a resident of Business Booster
  • Your business should have a positive impact on society.
  • We don't work with start-ups that have not found their product market fit.
  • Your business must have a minimum of 3 employees.
  • Critical financial issues like unpaid wages, overdue debts, or bankruptcy are not accepted.
  • Business owners should possess the authority to implement changes without conflicts with co-owners or top managers.
  • Dependency on one or two clients is discouraged, as their loss could jeopardize your business.
  • Be prepared to dedicate at least a year of hard work to build your system.
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    Business BOOSTER residents AND ALUMNI
    Alla Rachmatulina
    Alla Rachmatulina
    Amorcita, 7 countries in Western Europe
    Diana Matiashvili
    Diana Matiashvili
    PASPIGIONI Clinical Research Organisation, Georgia
    Dmitry Pak
    Dmitry Pak
    Korean Simple, Korea
    Alex Shekhtman
    Alex Shekhtman
    LBC Mortgage, California, USA
    Ilya Longo
    Ilya Longo
    LegendRemovals, UK
    Maksim Durasov
    Maksim Durasov
    Marzo Roofing Inc., Florida, USA
    Vitaliy Kostyrko
    Vitaliy Kostyrko
    Load N Go Inc., Illinois, USA
    Olga Weinshtok
    Olga Weinshtok
    WEINSTOCK Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, Germany
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